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Martha Martinez Licetti

World Bank Group

Competition Policy (12/06/2018 - 15/06/2018)


Martha Martinez Licetti, PhD, leads the Competition Policy Cluster for the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice of the World Bank Group where she holds a position of Lead Economist. Her work at the WBG covers policy, analytics and technical assistance on pro-competition sectoral regulations and implementation of antitrust and staid aid policies. Specific areas include: market regulations, anticartel enforcement, merger control analysis, assessment of market power and collusive behavior and effects of competition reforms and government participation in markets. She also leads the development of analytical tools and knowledge products on competition policy. Direct project experience includes Middle East and North Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Dr. Martinez Licetti is an economist specialized in industrial organization, applied microeconomics and antitrust, with more than 15 years of experience in economic regulation and competition policy. She holds a PhD from Northeastern University in Boston (Massachusetts) and a Master’s Degree from the University of Austin (Texas). She has both private and public sector experience, including being Chief of Market Research and leading the Competition Economics teams for both the competition authority and the telecommunications regulator in her native Peru.

Dr. Martinez Licetti has lectured courses in industrial organization, network regulation, antitrust and economic analysis of law and published articles on antitrust policies in both Latin America and the US. She has published both in technical as well as in policy journals and was nominated for an Antitrust Writing Award in 2014 for her Article “Combating Cartels in Developing Countries: Implementation Challenges on the Ground for her peers her Article.”

Selected publications

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