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Hamid Mamdouh

World Trade Organization

Trade in Services (08/01/2018 - 12/01/2018)


Mr. Hamid Mamdouh is the Director of the Trade in Services division of the WTO. The Trade in Services Division of the WTO is the part of the Organization responsible for servicing the WTO Council for Trade in Services which oversees the implementation of the General Agreement of Trade in Services (GATS). The Division is also responsible for providing legal, policy and technical advice to Member governments of the WTO.

Prior to that he was a Senior Counsellor in the Services Division. He had been the Secretary of the WTO Council for Trade in Services since the establishment of the WTO in 1995.  During that time, he was also responsible for legal affairs in the area of Trade in Services. During the Uruguay Round negotiations his responsibilities included legal matters relating to the drafting of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).

His previous positions in the GATT include:  Assistant to the Deputy Director-General of the GATT and legal advisor on GATT dispute settlement.  Prior to that he was a member of the Diplomatic Service of Egypt. As a career diplomat for commercial and economic affairs, his previous posts include;  representative of Egypt to the GATT in Geneva, trade policy advisor to the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade of Egypt, commercial attaché of the Egyptian Embassy in Canberra (Australia), and Egypt's representative to the United Nations Economic commission for Africa in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). As a trained lawyer legal matters have constituted an important part of his work throughout his career.  

Selected publications

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