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Christopher Townley

King’s College London, UK

Competition Law (15/05/2018 - 26/05/2018)


Chris joined King’s College London as a lecturer in 2007. He received his BA in Law from Durham University, an LLM from the College of Europe, Bruges and a Ph.D. from the European University Institute, Florence (Article 81 EC Treaty: putting public policy in its place). Previously, Chris worked as a solicitor at Clifford Chance LLP and then as Principal Case Officer at The Office of Fair Trading. Since joining King's, Chris has provided teaching and/ or advice to several bodies, including The Egyptian Competition Authority, The National Boadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (Thailand), The NHS, the Office of Fair Trading, Ofcom and The Pakistan Competition Commission.

Selected publications


·         Townley, C., Shahein, H., and Whish, R., 'Co-Operating in the Development of Competition Law and Economics Academics in New Jurisdictions'; book chapter in, Whish, R., and Townley, C., (Eds.) New Competition Jurisdictions: Shaping Policies and Building Institutions (2012) Edward Elgar, Cheltenham


·         Townley, C., and Laporta Cardinali, A., ‘A Utilização dos Precedentes da União Europeia No Direito Concorrencial Brasileiro’; book chapter in, Grandino Rodas, J., (Ed.) Direito Econômico e Social (2012) Editora Revista dos Tribunais, São Paulo


·         Townley, C. Inter-Generational Impacts in Competition Analysis: remembering those not yet born, (2011) 11 European Competition Law Review 580-590


·         Townley, C. The Relevant Market: an acceptable limit to competition analysis?, (2011) 10 European Competition Law Review 490-499


·         Townley, C. Which Goals Count in Article 101 TFEU?: public policy and its discontents, (2011) 9 European Competition Law Review 441-448


·         Christopher Townley and James Macbeth, Towards Auctioning: The Transformation of the European Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading System: Present and Future Challenges to Competition Law, (2010) 35(6) European Law Review 888-890


·         Townley, C., The Goals of Chapter I of the UK's Competition Act 1998 (the UK Equivalent of Article 81 EC Treaty, now Article 101 TFEU) (2010) 29 Yearbook of European Law 307-362


·         Townley, C., Article 81 EC and Public Policy, (2009) Hart Publishing


·         Townley, C., Is Anything more Important than Consumer Welfare (in Article 81 EC)?: reflections of a Community lawyer, (2007-2008) 10 Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies 345


·         Townley, C., The Concept of an ‘Undertaking’: The Boundaries of the Corporation – a discussion of agency, employees and subsidiaries, in Amato, G., and Ehlermann, C-D. (eds.), EC Competition Law: a critical assessment, (2007) Hart Publishing, Oxford


·         Townley, C., The Liner Shipping Block Exemptions in European Law: has the tide turned?, (2004) World Competition 107-153

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