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Stefano Inama


Rules of Origin (30/11/2017 - 01/12/2017)



Stefano Inama is a senior expert at UNCTAD, Integrated Framework (IF) Office of the Coordinator of Least Developed Countries. Mr. Inama has been previously responsible for the preferences and trade laws section in UNCTAD and he has been managing various projects including the UNCTAD component of JITAP, to assist Developing countries during the WTO negotiating process and the implementation aspects of WTO agreements and the Doha Development Agenda, as well as of various regional free trade agreements. As Deputy Coordinator of the UNCTAD commercial diplomacy he developed a network of research and training centres in Developing Countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America on WTO and regional trade issues. He carried out numerous research projects on trade and economic policies utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach in the Mediterranean region and later in SADC and Asean.
He published a series of studies on preferences and rules of origin and teaches courses at the Amsterdam law school, the University of Bologna and in the MILE Programme at the World Trade Institute in Bern, Switzerland.

He graduated from the University of Bologna in Law and holds a Master of High European Studies LLM, major in law for European Integration from the College of Europe, Belgium.

Selected publications

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