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Shishir Priyadarshi

World Trade Organization

Trade and Development (02/02/2018 - 04/02/2018)


Shishir Priyadarshi is one of the Directors of the World Trade Organisation in Geneva.  He heads the Development Division of the WTO, whose mandate is to facilitate work on all trade related developmental issues in the WTO.  A significant part of Mr. Priyadarshi's responsibilities extends to taking care of the developmental aspects of the Doha negotiations, especially in so far as they relate to addressing the concerns of developing countries.  In particular this also includes the responsibilities relating to the recently launched initiative on Aid for Trade. Having earlier worked for the Government of India for nearly twenty years, Mr Priyadarshi has had a long experience in examining various aspects of the WTO agreements, from a developing country perspective. Mr Priyadarshi has written a number of papers, primarily detailing the concerns that developing countries have on various WTO agreements. He has played a key role in WTO's efforts aimed at increasing the capacity of developing country trade officials in understanding the WTO Agreements

Selected publications

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