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Dr. David Luff is specialized in EU and WTO law and has been practicing international trade law at both EC and WTO levels for seventeen years. He was trained in top international law firms. He was in charge of major anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard cases and has worked on projects where he dealt with technical barriers to trade, customs rules, WTO dispute settlement, regional integration and market access actions. He has advised private multinational companies and governments in the sectors of financial services, postal and telecommunications services, textiles and clothing, steel, chemicals, sugar, bananas, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. He advised the governments of Vietnam, Ukraine, China, South Korea, Thailand, Canada and South Africa on WTO implementation and trade negotiations issues and held missions in more than thirty five developing countries. He has also been advising African countries on cross-sectoral strategies to take advantage of international trade rules. He has been advising the government of Ukraine in its WTO accession negotiations and has been delivering technical assistance activities in the country, particularly in the agricultural and services sectors. He also advised the governments of Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, Canada and South Africa on WTO and trade negotiations issues and on the means to adjust to the challenges posed by multilateral trade negotiations.

Until 27 March 2008, David Luff was the Director of the Programme Management Unit for the TradeCom Facility, an all-ACP trade-related assistance programme, financed by the European Development Fund. He was in charge of the planning, conduct and evaluation of more than fourty projects and more than one hundred requests for technical assistance throughout the ACP region. There is a measurable track record of TA activities that he and his team have been managing throughout entire project cycles, according to strict and carefully planned quality criteria. David Luff is now designing activities is one of the components of the EU-Vietnam Trade Technical assistance project MUTRAP III.

David Luff is a professor of international trade law at the Universities of Brussels and Liege in Belgium, at the College of Europe, and at the Bocconi University in Milan. He obtained a PhD at the University of Brussels. His thesis examined the regulatory powers of States under WTO law to pursue domestic policy objectives. David Luff published several articles in international reviews on subjects related to WTO law and held visiting appointments in India, China, Vietnam, Switzerland and Italy. He trained trade officials of the EC, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, West African countries and China on WTO law and trade policy, including on SPS and TBT rules. He organised international workshops and conferences and oversaw training programmes. He is the author of a 1328 pages book in French, which provides an exhaustive and critical analysis of the WTO law and its jurisprudence.


Ph.D. in Law, Free University of Brussels (ULB), June 2003
Masters in Public Administration, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, New York, USA, June 1995 (consistently ranked No 1 public administration programme in the United States)

LL.M. in Public International Law, Free University of Brussels (ULB), June 1993 (Two-year graduate degree pursued while working full-time as an attorney)

Licence en droit (Law Degree), June 1991

Selected publications


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Other contributions
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