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Arthur E. Appleton, J.D., PhD is a Founding Partner of Appleton Luff – International Lawyers a boutique international trade and arbitration firm with offices in Brussels, Geneva, Singapore, Warsaw and Washington, D.C. Prior to forming Appleton Luff, Dr. Appleton was Counsel with White & Case and Of Counsel with Lalive & Partners.

Dr Appleton has more than 23 years of experience in the field of international trade (GATT/WTO) law dating back to the late 1980s when he advised a prominent Asian country during the Uruguay Round negotiations. He works with international businesses, sovereign States, international organizations and non-governmental organizations on international trade and arbitration matters and has appeared as lead counsel before the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization. His work has taken him to over 50 countries, including a large number of developing countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Dr Appleton teaches graduate classes in trade law at the University of Barcelona (IELPO), the World Trade Institute (Bern), and other prominent universities. He has published two books and more than 35 articles on trade and arbitration issues, and is a co-editor (with Patrick Macrory and Michael Plummer) of The World Trade Organization: Legal, Economic and Political Analysis, a multi-volume work that appeared in spring 2005.


Dr Appleton serves on the Board of Directors of the World Trade Institute, and on the Steering Committee of the International Trade Law Center of the International Law Institute (Washington, D.C.). He is also on the Editorial Board of Legal Issues of Economic Integration, the Advisory Committee of The Latin American Journal of International Trade Law, and is a past President of the Association of International Business Lawyers (Geneva). Dr Appleton has been recognized in the International Who’s Who of Trade and Customs Lawyers since the year 2000. 


Selected publications


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