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Jolanta Brogowska



Jolanta Brogowska specializes in Polish and EU Competition Law as well as in Commercial Law. Her particular area of interest is the interaction between Intellectual Property Law and Antitrust Law. Moreover, she is interested in European Private International Law, which she studied thoroughly as an exchange student in Denmark.

She obtained her LL.M. degree from Warsaw University in 2009. During the course of her studies, she focused mainly on Commercial Law. She also graduated from the Center for American Law Studies at Warsaw University in association with the University of Florida (2009) and from the British Centre for English and European Law at Warsaw University in association with Cambridge University (2008).

Moreover, she got a one-year scholarship at University of Aarhus School of Law and Aarhus Business School, Denmark, where she became acquainted with issues concerning international trade and WTO activity.

Employed by an international law firm for nearly two years, Jolanta was working for the Competition Law and Trade Group. This gave her an opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of retail, pharmaceutical and energy sector both in local and international context. Afterwards, for a period of few months she joined the Litigation Group which gave her a chance to learn how to conduct international disputes.

In 2010 Jolanta was admitted to Polish Bar in order to become an advocate.

She is an active member of the Polish Competition Law Association and co-author of a few publications regarding Polish Competition Law. Participating in a number of conferences on Competition and Trade Law allowed her to keep her updated on these issues.

Her decision to join IELPO Programme was dictated by her willingness to acquire profound background in international law issues., what she finds indispensable for her academic career and her professional development.

Jolanta is a native speaker of Polish. Apart from that, she speaks fluent English, communicative German and basic French. She intends to attend a Spanish course.


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