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Roberto Alfaro Curley



Roberto Alfaro was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, in 1978. He got his LL.B. from Rafael Landivar University´s school of Law, and the degrees of Attorney at Law and Notary Public. As an undergraduate student, Roberto worked for the Guatemalan law firm Arenales & Skinner-Klee for more than two years, developing a series of duties in different practice areas such as Civil and Commercial law as well as a Notary assistant to the firm´s senior partners. Before graduating, he served as Lawyer's clerk of the "Bufete Popular" (pro bono lawyers' office) of the Dispensation of Justice Center- CAJ- of the Executive Secretariat of the entity in charge of Coordinating  the Modernization process of Guatemala´s Justice Sector (ICMSJ for its Spanish initials) in Playa Grande, Ixcán, in the department of Quiché, Guatemala, one of the sectors most severely affected by the Guatemalan internal armed conflict. 

He joined Guatemala´s Superintendence of Tax Administration (SAT), where he served in its Legal Issues Intendancy as a Special Judicial Attorney with Representation, acting in representation of SAT in criminal processes for crimes perpetrated against SAT and in its General Secretariat as Legal Consultant for SAT´s different administrative units.

Roberto´s main academic interests lie in Regional Integration, the Dispute Settlement Understanding, and the way it applies and can affect the role Developing Countries play before WTO. He is also interested in the way tax, tariffs and trade laws interrelate with each other.

He is a former Chair assistant in Civil, Administrative and Criminal Procedures Law, and a former professor in Taxation Law (substitute). Roberto was admitted to the Guatemalan Bar Association in 2007.

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