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Pamela Tusingwire



Born in Uganda to a civil servant (father) and a teacher (mother), Pamela Tusingwire is the first-born in a family of nine children.  After completing her primary and secondary schooling in top-notch Ugandan schools, she enrolled for a Bachelor of Laws course at Makerere University in 2000, graduating with Honours in 2004.  Two years later, she completed a bar Ccurse (in Ugandan legal practice) at the Law Development Centre.  She then did an internship at a Kampala law firm - Mubiru-Musoke, Musisi & Co. Advocates in 2006 for a period of 3 months.  Always with a special penchant for teaching, Pamela took up a lecturing post in Business Law at the Makerere University Business School's (MUBS) Department of Business Law that she still holds currently.

Pamela's professional career as a legal educator has seen her gain considerable and invaluable experience and expertise in core business law subjects like commercial law, contract law, sale of goods law and the law of real property within the Ugandan legal context. As part of her career development in the field of legal academia at MUBS, Pamela has been centrally involved in a donor-funded research project on the NPT Project Support for Institutional Capacity Development in Public and Private Procurement Management in Uganda whose prime objective is to determine the efficacy on the new procurement laws in Uganda.

Over time however, in the course of her business law lecturing role at Makerere University Business School, Pamela has recognized the lack of knowledge, skills, and expertise in the rather intricate legal aspects of international trade in Uganda  - especially at the public and academic institution levels. She now seeks to bridge this gap between theory and practice in the legalities of international trade in Uganda's public sector and academic institutions by taking the IELPO post-graduate International Economics law course both as a means of advancing her career path as a legal educator providing  value education to undergraduate-level students in Uganda, and also serving as a key exponent in the country's economic and trade development processes.

Pamela speaks her native Rukiga language and is fluent in English.

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