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Gabriel Andrés González Florín



Gabriel González Florín is a Chilean lawyer with special interests in International Economics, Governance and International Cooperation. He received his JD from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 2006.  In 2008 he studied International Strategy and Commercial Policy at Universidad de Chile's Instituto de Estudios Internacionales, obtaining his diploma in November of that year. He has conducted research in areas such as History of Law, International Affairs and Public Social Policies among other topics.

From September 1999 until May 2004 he was a member of the legal staff of the Chilean Medical Association (Colegio Médico de Chile), where his line of work was mainly as a researcher in areas related to Sanitary Law and Health Policies. Since 2004 Gabriel has worked for the Chilean Government, first at the Instituto de Salud Pública, from May of that year until January 2007, and from February 2007 until the present at the Servicio de Registro Civil where he is Head of the Metropolitan Legal Unit and currently acts as Surrogate Metropolitan Regional Director.  At this post he is in charge of an organization that has over 650 employees working in more than 65 offices of various sizes, that provides attention to a population of over 6 million people and whose return income was over US 56 million dollars for the fiscal year 2008.

Gabriel also has undergraduate studies in medical and biological sciences at Universidad de Chile, which have helped him gain a better understanding of issues such as IP and Tech-Law.

Although Gabriel's mother tongue is Spanish, he is also fluent in English and has some Portuguese and French reading skills.

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