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Georg Fisch



Georg Fisch was born in Germany.  He lived for a year in France as a child, spent a year in the U.S. as an exchange student before moving to Brussels (2000) where he finished school (2003).  He began his academic career at the University of Maastricht where he obtained his BA degree in European Studies (2007).  In the framework of the BA, Georg spent half a year in Australia, where he completed an internship at the Non-governmental Organization Amnesty International.  After finishing his BA, he undertook another internship at the German Business Representation in Brussels during which he came into contact with the making of economic policy and law in the European Union (EU).  In order to further his specific legal knowledge in this area he decided to do the European Law School (ELS) Master Program at the University of Maastricht. This program offered him a legal background that provided for more specific legal studies.

During the final phase of the program, Georg talked to experienced lawyers and businessmen in Brussels asking for guidance regarding his future career. Being recommended to specify in a legal field, Georg decided to begin the IELPO Master Program. He joined the program to gain specific knowledge in international economic law, as he believes this is a suitable complement to his foundation in European Studies and European and International Law.

Apart from his mother tongue German, Georg is fluent in English, has good understanding and basic speaking skills in French and Dutch.
Secretaria del Estado de Turismo y Comercio Universitat de Barcelona Departament Economia i Finances de la Generalitat de Catalunya Ajuntament de Barcelona