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Agnes Wang



Qinpin WANG comes from China. She has obtained her Bachelor degree in International Relations from Tongji University in Shanghai,China. Unremitting efforts made her win during the last 4 years the annual Excellent Student Scholarships and the honor of "outstanding graduate" in the final year. Her final university research paper was on 'Change of Concept: A Constructive Analysis of the North Korean Nuclear Crisis'.

During her last year of university, Qinpin undertook an internship at the Municipal People's Assembly of Shanghai, which gave her an opportunity to better understand the functioning of the local government.

IELPO has broadened her horizon to the WTO regime and international economics, especially sustainable development, regional cooperation, and Chinese accession.

Besides being a native Chinese speaker, Qinpin is also fluent in English and French.


Qinpin worked at CWT Commodities in Shanghai for one year. Since October 2011, she worked as paralegal at ITT (Shanghai). 

Recently, she has just finished her third year in ITT Chia and joins Umicore China as junior legal counsel to keep providing in-house legal services for WOFE.

(Last update: September 2015)

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