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Julia Di Veroli Silberberg


Argentina - Spain

Julia Di Veroli Silberberg is an Argentinean and Spanish national who has a Bachelor in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid. During the course of her legal studies she attended different seminars, in 2006 the "Third Complutense Congress of Labour Law": "Equal rights between men and women in their jobs and conciliation of the labour and family life" also in that year she attended a Congress in procedural Law about "Constitution and its reforms" and in 2007 an "International Complutense Seminar" about "International Private law in the European framework of Liberty, Security and Justice".

Julia has worked as a Business Agent in Sociedad de Procesos y Formalización 2004 SLU. Making Mortgages for Barclay´s Bank Collecting the papers and documents necessaries to sign the mortgage and also speak with clients. She has also work as a trainee at the Law firm Bufete Nuñez Astray & Asociados S.L in the department of Corporate Law dealing mainly with mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts and due diligences and as a Business Agent in an Editorial called Asppan SL for four years.

She speaks English, Spanish, and some Italian and understands French as well.
Julia enjoys travelling and meeting people, reading, going to museums and learning languages. In her free time she takes dancing lessons and sings on a choir.


She graduated from IELPO in 2009 and then did a Master's program delivered by "Cremades& Calvo Sotelo" law firm on energy law.

She is currently working at RDC Agencia Literaria on intellectual property rights issues.

(Last update: August 2012)

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