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Maria Alejandra Calle is a lawyer and holds a Master in Administration Sciences (MSc) from the EAFIT University (in cooperation with the HEC Montreal, École de Gestion), has an specialization in Trade Law from Los Andes University (Bogotá), complementary studies in International Management at the EAFIT University and Commercial Diplomacy at the Center For Trade Policy and Law from Carleton University in Ottawa. She was enrolled in the Faculty Research Program conducted by the Canadian Government and the International Council for Canadian Studies in January 2005 and won the  Honor Scholarship during her undergraduate studies at the Law Faculty (Universidad de Medellin 1998- 2000)

Maria Alejandra is an Assistant Professor at the International Business Department (EAFIT University). Her teaching experience has covered the fields of International Public Law, International Trade Law, International Relations and Diplomacy, International Negotiation, Fundamentals of Negotiation, Intercultural Management and Canadian Studies. She also holds the academic coordination for both International Negotiation and cultural studies at the International Business. Maria Alejandra is the Head Director of the Centre in Colombo-Canadian Studies sponsored by the Government of Canada at EAFIT University.  Recently served as Consultant For the Virtual Institute of  UNCTAD to develop a Teaching Material in International Negotiation. 

Her research interests at the Master in International Economic Law and Policy (IELPO) are grounded on field of Trade and Environment, especially in the Fauna chapter, Green Activism and non-traditional stakeholders for trade negotiations and policy making. She is currently conducting her research on Animal Welfare Standards, Product Production Methods and Protection of Animal Life in Article XX of GATT and the TBT Agreement .


Maria Alejandra came back to Colombia to continue with her research and work at the Department of International Business at Universidad EAFIT (Colombia). She worked as a full time lecturer for the courses in International Trade Law, International Dispute Settlement, Commercial Diplomacy and International Negotiation.

Maria-Alejandra Calle is currently pursuing PhD studies at the University College Cork (Ireland), where she holds the Faculty of Law PhD Scholarship as well as the Comyn Kelleher Tobin Graduate Bursary. She is a researcher in International Trade Law and Environment.

She is also a teaching assistant in European Law at University College Cork. Her doctoral research is focused on environmental Non Product Related PPMs, the scope of environmental concerns in International Trade Law and International Environmental Governance.

(Last update: August 2012)

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