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Carolina Saldanha was the Head of the International Trade Department of the Felsberg law firm from 2003 to 2009. She has been working in the area of international law for 14 years (since 1999, exclusively with international trade law). She assisted firm's clients before all Brazilian federal agencies that regulate international trade and related matters, including the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC), the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), as well as agencies and secretaries thereof.

She defended the interests and rights of Brazilian and foreign (Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Argentine and US) producers, exporters and importers from the agricultural, chemical, steel, paper, plastic, toy, end-products and other industries in anti-dumping, countervailing duty and safeguards proceedings in several different jurisdictions, such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and the US.

As a consultant, Carolina prepared technical studies, legal opinions and client representation in matters such as valuation, tariff classification of imported merchandise, the US Bioterrorism Act, Mercosur's rules of origin and preferential duty eligibility, export taxes, the US and the EC general system of preferences (on behalf of the Brazilian coffee industry before the WTO), the Andean Community price band system (in conjunction with the Brazilian and the US Governments), WTO inconsistencies within custom unions and general compliance counselling on technical certifications, as well as sanitary and phytosanitary standards and technical barriers.

Having received awards as one of the world's leading trade lawyers every year since 2003, she was selected in 2005 to assist the Brazilian mission in Geneva on various WTO issues, particularly with respect to negotiations on the anti-dumping agreement and on dispute resolutions of the following: US cotton, EC sugar, EC zeroing, US privatisations and EC bananas. Her record in international - bilateral, regional and multilateral - negotiations includes reports and strategy recommendations for Brazilian exporters of goods and services on trade debates before the Brazilian Entrepreneurial Coalition (CEB).

While living in Belgium, Carolina did academic research, selection and compendia of doctrine and court-precedent materials at the law schools of the Universities of Leuven, Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve, Ghent, Coimbra and Lisbon. She has represented the firm in conferences and congresses in several European cities and provided assistance to clients referred to by the Brazilian embassy in Brussels. Complementing her studies in France, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and the United States for different periods, she is fluent in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish and has some familiarity with Italian.

Carolina was engaged by publisher Singular to coordinate and write a handbook on trade remedies in Brazil, and by publisher Saraiva to write two chapters about intertemporal law and trade remedies, both to published in 2008. She is the co-author of the chapter "Subsidies and Countervailing Measures", in Vera Thorstensen and Marcos Jank's O Brasil e os Grandes Temas do Comércio Internacional (Brazil and the Most Relavent Matters of International Trade, Aduaneiras, São Paulo, 2005), author of the international trade chapter of the Doing Business in Brazil by the British Chamber of Commerce (October 2004), as well as other publications and articles, in addition to being the official translator of the "Textiles and Clothing Module" for the UNCTAD dispute settlement course, at the request of the Brazilian government (April 2004).


After graduating from IELPO, Carolina set up her own company (Uno-Trade Strategy Advisors - www.unotrade.com) . Uno-Trade has defended the interests and rights of producers, exporters, importers and associations, from Brazil and abroad, in trade remedies and overall commercial strategy in several different jurisdictions, as well as customs law, competition law, technical barriers, sanitary and phytosanitary standards, and intellectual property. It has also assisted sectors on regional and bilateral negotiations on service liberalization and market access.

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