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Alexandra Bihain



Alexandra Bihain was born in Brussels, Belgium, on 18 April 1993. After having completed the bilingual high school program (Dutch-French), Alexandra enrolled at the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands) to study European and Comparative law. During the two last years of her Bachelor’s degree, Alexandra participated in the Honours Program of the Law Faculty in which she conducted research on academic level in the field of mostly competition law, labour law and intellectual property law. In the fall of 2014, Alexandra participated in an exchange program at the University of Richmond (Virginia, United States). After having obtained her Bachelor’s degree, she decided to stay in Maastricht to complete her legal education with a master in ‘Globalization and Law: Corporate and Commercial Track’. In order to gain more practical knowledge in the field of trade law, Alexandra participated in the ELSA MC2 WTO Moot Court, as part of the delegated team from her University. Her team won the European Regional Round in Bucharest and managed to arrive to the quarter- finals of the International Round in Geneva. This moot court competition sparked her interest for International Economic Law and led to her participation in the IELPO program. While participating in the Moot Court, Alexandra was also taking part in the Pilot Program on International Commercial Mediation in which she gained market-oriented skills through workshops taught by international experts on mediation along. She had also the opportunity to take part in mediation simulations. She obtained her Master of Laws degree in August 2015 with cum laude. 
Alexandra already gained legal working experience by doing summer internships. During the summer of 2014 and 2015, Alexandra did two summer internships, at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in a Belgian law firm, gaining some practical knowledge in different areas of Belgian and International/European law.  
Alexandra is a native French speaker, is fluent in Dutch, English and has some knowledge of German. She hopes to become fluent in Spanish after having completed the IELPO program. 

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