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Irina Kozlova



Irina finished the 1st year of her master studies in International Trading System at the Department of World Economy of Saint Petersburg State University in 2014. She studied at the Russian-Turkish Lyceum and graduated the Department of Conflictology at SPSU in 2013. Irina also studied at the Philological Department as a Translator in the field of professional communication. She had an internship at HR department of GlovisRus practicing interpreting and communication skills. During her studies Irina took part in different Cultural Exchange Program. In 2013 Irina participated in the University Project at the Center for Independent Social Research where she made cross-cultural analysis of innovation economies. 

Irina is interested in international economics, international economic law and techniques that form productive communication.

Secretaria del Estado de Turismo y Comercio Universitat de Barcelona Departament Economia i Finances de la Generalitat de Catalunya Ajuntament de Barcelona