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Shameilla Moses



Shameilla Moses was born in St. George’s, Grenada and it has always been her dream to have a career in international affairs and law, which included world travels.

In 2003, she left her homeland to pursue a B.B.A. in International Trade at Midwestern State University in Texas, USA. Upon graduating, she found employment with the Government of Grenada as a Trade Officer working on regional and international trade negotiations and the implementation of regional and international trade agreements, inter alia.

As a public servant, she had the opportunity to pursue further studies in international trade, diplomacy and international law, including the WTO Trade Policy Course and UNITAR online courses. Most importantly, she had the opportunity to work with established international organizations such as the UN, UNITAR, ITC and the WTO. One of her most memorable and rewarding experiences included presenting to the WTO Members at a meeting of the NGTF in 2012 on Grenada’s progress in implementing trade facilitation reforms. Another experience included participating in and witnessing the conclusion of the WTO TF negotiations.

It has been her goal to join the IELPO Programme since 2010 when she was first introduced to the programme by an alumnus. As an IELPOer, she hopes to broaden her horizons, increase her legal expertise in the area of international trade and improve her interdisciplinary research skills. In the future, she hopes to find a career in an international organization that will utilizes her skills and experience and channel her interests particularly in the legal field.

Shameilla is a native speaker of English, but it is also her goal to improve her Spanish language skills while in Spain.

Secretaria del Estado de Turismo y Comercio Universitat de Barcelona Departament Economia i Finances de la Generalitat de Catalunya Ajuntament de Barcelona