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Sarianne Pennanen



Sarianne graduated as a Master of Laws in April 2009 from the University of Helsinki, Finland after six years of very successful studies. In October 2005, Sarianne begun to work as an assistant in a local law firm of three partners. After her graduation she was invited to continue as a lawyer in the same firm. In March 2009 two of the partners in the firm moved and invited Sarianne to follow to an international law firm called Magnusson, which at that time opened their first office in Finland. The firm operates in several countries around the Baltic Sea. In her work Sarianne is specialized in both international and local litigation cases between companies. Sarianne definitely finds the possibility to co-operate with lawyers from different countries and to serve international clients as one of the greatest benefits of her work in Magnusson. After four years’ work experience Sarianne was appointed as an attorney-at-law by the Finnish Bar Association in April 2013. After the appointment Sarianne felt it was perfect time to broaden her knowledge in international trade law, policy and economics and also to get to know colleagues from all the corners of the globe. Therefore, she applied and was to her fortune admitted to the IELPO Program beginning in Autumn 2013. Sarianne’s native language is Finnish, but she is also fluent in English after practicing law in English for several years and after working as a trainee in a law firm in New York, USA between October 2007 and February 2008. In addition to these languages Sarianne also understands German and Swedish due to her school studies.
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