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Myriam El Khalil



Myriam was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1991. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, International Affairs from the Lebanese American University (2013).

Myriam traveled to India to work with “Save the Children”, an organization affiliated to the United Nations. She then attended a three-week conference on youth development and civil society in Ecuador, South America. In April 2013, she attended a conference on communication, democracy and diplomacy in Jordan under the supervision of the Georgetown Professor, Dr. Sam Potolicchio. She was also engaged in several workshops and projects inside Lebanon.

Myriam was employed as an assistant in a law firm for 2 years (2011-2013). Through this working experience, she developed an interest in law in general, and especially in economic and trade law. She worked with “UNESCO” and “UNDP” and several non-governmental organizations on different projects regarding International Relations, trade and Economy; hence the interest in IELPO. The location of Lebanon, deep in the Middle East and its relation with all neighboring countries was a supplement boost to be part of the IELPO program.

In addition to all the political, economic aspects in her studies, she is highly interested in sports and tennis, in particular where she covers several tournaments for Reuters and other local channels.

Studying in a multicultural context, with different students from all over the world and diverse cultures is an advantageous environment she is very thankful to be part of.

Myriam is fluent in Arabic, French, and English with a fair knowledge of Spanish. 

Secretaria del Estado de Turismo y Comercio Universitat de Barcelona Departament Economia i Finances de la Generalitat de Catalunya Ajuntament de Barcelona