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Alisar Al Khaddour



Alissar was born and raised in Homs, Syria. She began her legal studies at the University of Aleppo in 2005. In 2009 she moved to Homs and continued her last year of college at Albaath University.

During her last year and even after her legal studies she gained practical experience on the field.
Alissar became interested in economics, politics and free trade as a result of the public movement in Syria and the Arab world, which impacted Syria very much and triggered serious consequences.

After graduating in IELPO, Alissar is willing to work on international trade and the protection of human rights.

Alissar's native language is Arabic and speaks fluently English. She also has some basic knowledge of French and Spanish.

Alissar is also interested in reading, writing, traveling and music.

Secretaria del Estado de Turismo y Comercio Universitat de Barcelona Departament Economia i Finances de la Generalitat de Catalunya Ajuntament de Barcelona