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Felipe Rodríguez Ustariz



Felipe pursued the International Economic Law and Policy (IELPO) LL.M. degree at the University of Barcelona in order to enhance his academic foundations and to expand his knowledge on trade issues, therefore building towards a career in International Trade and Investment. He is particularly interested in trade liberalization, economic development, emerging markets, and the connections and opportunities between Latin America, Europe and Asia. Before joining IELPO, he studied political science. He is currently studying at the Diplomatic Academy of Peru.
Born in Peru, he was educated in English in a British-style school. He completed a semester studying law in his home country before going to Jacobs University, in Germany, where he obtained a B.A. degree in International Relations. Courses taken included: firms and markets, international economics, international law, international institutions, international security, and electives in logistics and management. He wrote his B.A. thesis on Free Trade Agreements and the World Trade Organization. While studying at Jacobs, Mr Rodriguez Ustariz worked as a student assistant at the Jacobs Center, a graduate school and research center of the university.
Mr Rodriguez Ustariz' professional experience includes an internship at the Constitutional Court of Peru, and a 10-month-stay as a junior advisor in a Diplomatic Mission to an International Organization in Vienna.
He enjoys playing golf, rugby and learning languages. He speaks English, Spanish, German, basic French and is currently learning Japanese.
(Last update: October 2015) 

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