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Mario Gallardo


El Salvador


Mario Gallardo was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, in 1980. He studied Laws at the “Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado” and obtained his bachelor degree with merits in 2005.

As a law student, Mario made an ad honorem internship for a national court (civil, mercantile and criminal cases) and worked for two Salvadorian law firms as a legal adviser on civil law, administrative law, labor law, commerce law, intellectual property law, notary services and migration law (from 2001 to 2005).

After the conclusion of his undergraduate studies in 2005, Mario began to work for the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador, as a negotiator of services, investment and government procurement in the Trade Policy Office. Later, in 2007 he was promoted to Head Negotiator of Dispute Settlement and Institutional Provisions and in February 2008, he became Deputy Director of the Trade Policy Office, being responsible of the Central American Economic Integration Process.

At the Ministry, Mario assisted his government in the CAFTA-DR implementation process, in legal matters related to services, investment and government procurement. He has also participated in the negotiations of at least five Free Trade Agreements, including those that his country has concluded with the Republic of China (Taiwan), Colombia and the Partnership Agreement between Central America and the European Union and has negotiated several International Treaties concerning the Central American Common Market. 

Mario’s professional background brought his academic interest to International Law and Trade. That’s why he chose the IELPO LL.M. Program since he considers that it will complement and improve his current training, making him a better prepared professional. He was awarded with a Fundación Carolina Scholarship.

Mario speaks Spanish, English and German.



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