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Jun Zhu



Jun ZHU is a master majoring in WTO documents and laws translation at the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade.

From 2005-2006, she was selected as the cultural ambassador of the city by the local government to join the Canada World Youth program. In Canada, she worked as a volunteer in a local radio station and gained high reputation with her outstanding work. The Canada World Youth Organization awarded her a certification for her excellent work in this program. In 2010, after fierce competition, she successfully became a senior assistant for the Colombia Pavilion of Shanghai Expo. The Colombia ambassador on Special Missions and the minister of Colombia Commerce Department awarded her a certificate for her remarkable work. She is also an expert interpreter in all kinds of exhibitions held in Shanghai. She has taught Japanese students Chinese at a language center. Besides English, she has a good command of Japanese.

Both as an undergraduate and as a postgraduate student, she has been frequently awarded scholarships. In 2009, she joined the project of translating 'The International Trade and Investment Report in 2009' held by China’s Commerce Department. She has also translated the WTO Chair Application of the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade. In July 2009, she was awarded the certificate of “2009 China summer school for graduates majoring in WTO affairs”.

Secretaria del Estado de Turismo y Comercio Universitat de Barcelona Departament Economia i Finances de la Generalitat de Catalunya Ajuntament de Barcelona